So what is GamesPaper then?
The GamesPaper team

GamesPaper is run by a small team of gamers located in the UK. We work around the clock and at very strange hours of the day (and night) to bring everything from the big news stories right down to the smaller stories which sometimes get missed by other games websites.

The main members of the team who bring you GamesPaper each day of the week are:

Simon Martin - Editor
Writes the news, reviews, previews, features, codes the website, keeps it all running and even finds time to deal with advertisers and games companies. If it wasn't for Simon's skills at being able to organise stuff and all without much sleep, we don't know what sort of state we'd be in now.

Paul Oyirifi - Reviews Writer
Provides reviews and news, and also keeps a close eye on games forums to see what the latest games gossip is, so we can get a head start on some of the breaking news. Paul also keeps us up to date with the goings on at foreign game expos, and counts the days away until the next Spaceworld, TGS, etc..

Tim Martin - Reviews Writer
Reviews the occasional game, but spends a lot of time taking back his PS2 after worryingly getting a few which failed to work quite how they were ment to - the latest machine appears to be firing on all cylinders though, so expect more from Tim soon.

If you would like to contact a member of the GamesPaper team, then please use our contact form.

To find out more about GamesPaper, see the About GamesPaper section.