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Please use the following details to add GamesPaper to your PR Lists:

Website: Voicemail/Fax: 07092 020 520

We require PAL UK review code, as we only run retail boxes, and not debug kits - either boxed retail or promo review code is fine, as long as it works on UK retail machines.

Coverage can be provided for all of the current consoles (Xbox, Gamecube, PlayStation 2), Game Boy Advance, PC, along with mobile gaming, future technologies, online gaming, etc.

Coverage can be in the form of news, reviews/previews, and features, including developer interviews, reports on events/trade shows, previews to console launches - we're open to suggestions, and are happy to consider new styles of coverage to help promote your product to the gaming public.

Page views are in excess of 200,000 per month, and our news headlines are harvested by and Moreover - a very popular news service which is also used by Altavista's news search, and many of our headlines have appeared on the front of some of the largest names in the computer games industry, including MCV's headline service which is powered by Moreover and appears on the front page of their site.

Where possible we would appreciate Press Releases to be sent via email or fax, due to the fact that our site updates daily, and so we need to have any news before it gets too old..

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