May waved good bye to Daily Radar, when the huge games website shut, saying that "The internet soufflé has collapsed" - Something which saw many sites during the year close or change ownership under financial pressures.

Sony announce they won't attend ECTS later in the year, which instantly cast doubt over the future of the event, with several large companies not wishing to attend Europe's premier trade show.

Budget software giant, Sold Out 'Gallup up the charts', with Tomb Raider, Worms United, Vegas Games 2000 and Grand Theft Auto taking up the top four positions in the PC sales chart.


The E3 expo in Los Angeles swung in to action, and saw Nintendo show off the Gamecube, Sega confirming their multi-format plans and also revealing 30 Dreamcast titles for release during the next 12 months.


Sky Digital channel 223 saw the launch of Game Network, but most of the content was presented in Italian - it wasn't long though before all of their shows were presented in English, and the channel started to be accepted by UK based gamers.

June sees Sony lower the price of the PlayStation 2 from £299 to £269, insisting that the cuts were due to changes in the exchange rates across Europe. Meanwhile, rival Xbox console is getting in the news more, with the first details of the green Xbox Dashboard control system.


Datel release Region X DVD for the PlayStation 2, which allows PS2 owners to view DVD's from any region, removing the region lock which is built in to the machine.

Gaming great Atari to make a comeback when Infogrames announce that it'll be used on all their games in America, and eventually around the world, due to the brand being instantly recognisable for their superb history.

sonic 10th anniversary pack

We also get our hands on a very special Limited edition Sonic pack, to celebrate the spiky blue hedgehog's 10th anniversary.

July kicked off with the announcement from NI Sports of their Sky Sports Football Manager, which would be the UK's biggest online football management game, and endorsed by Sky Sports.

screen screen

The BBC got Bashful with Robot Wars games on the PC, PS2, and Game Boy Advance. Telegames released numerous screens of Backtrack, their first person shooter for the GBA.

Microsoft released Train Simulator, and it sold at an astounding rate, holding a favourable position in the PC sales chart, and showing strong sales to a larger market than many industry critics would had believed possible.

August sees the summer in full swing, and adding to the heat Acclaim make the PS2 Burnout, by revealing the first screens of their new racer from Criterion Studios.


First details of Nintendo's London show in September break in to the headlines, with news of Pokemon in ol' London town, where the company promised to make a "Major Pokemon announcement". Days later Nintendo were yet again in the news, with their first showings of Zelda and Mario on the Gamecube, and the announcement of a Pokemon card reader system for the GBA.

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