A very rough, all from memory (so probably a bit wrong), diary of events which led up to the launch of "GamesPaper"..

Cold, Rainy day at University in 1999:

"We should do a Computer games website.. it'd be excellent.." was the opinion as we looked at the nasty long coursework we had been set.. So after a bit of thought, and the fact that we already made a website about Hertfordshire (where we went to uni), everyone was in agreement that a games site should be our next main project.

Summer 2000:

Realise we've been planning to make a games site for quite a while now, and so the hunt for a decent domain name for the site started.. Funnily enough it seems as if all domains with the word "game" anywhere in them have gone, a long, long, long time ago, but not to be put off, we kept searching for ideas..

December 2000:

Decided that we should definetly make a games website, which resulted in about 30 minutes thought about the site, a few good ideas, and then a long evening of playing numerous games..

Mid February 2001:

Finally we find a domain name that not only has the word Games in it, but also Paper - exactly what we wanted.. GamesPaper was the name for our new Games website, or to be more precise.. our new "Games Paper" - Watch out all you tabloid paper editors, here we come!

Mid March 2001:

Design for the site is coming together, trying to make it look like a normal tabloid style newspaper, but so that it still works as a games website. Decide on a light and clean cut approach, with minimalistic features (hey, it means it loads nice and fast, and can be viewed on a Dreamcast, and other TV based internet devices - we hope..)

1 day before the preview launch:

Madness as pages are being uploaded to the server, and new cgi scripts which run in the background are still being written, and re-written..

15th March:

Today was ment to be the launch day, but like all good things in the Games industry, we decided to put it back a day, and launch it on Friday 16th.. good things come to those who wait.. etc..

Launch day - March 16th

GamesPaper launches (preview version, anyway) with gleaming new pages, and already having some sites affiliated with us, including the excellent 'DigiApe - UK Dreamcast news site' (now GamesAsylum).

The future..

Well, who knows..? Hopefully it will be great, and we hope that you enjoy reading the News, Reviews, and everything else that we have on GamesPaper.. There is the launch of the Gameboy Advance, Xbox, and Gamecube to look forward to, and the current changes that Sega are going through at the moment to focus on software, which should bring fantastic games to a wide range of platforms, and is bound to create plenty of news stories! One thing for sure.. if it's to do with games, and it's worthy of a story, it'll make it into the GamesPaper!