Nintendo's latest handheld machine takes over from the enormous success of the Game Boy, which was a hit around the world, and waved goodbye to boring train journeys for many youngsters, and even some businessmen - Can the Game Boy Advance have a similar effect on the world? We think it can..

Game Boy Advance

The machine is expected to retail for around the 80 mark, and offers longer battery life than the GBC, as well as a larger horizontal screen which is capable of over 32,000 colours.

A number of games are being developed for the machine, ranging from some classic oldies which make their return from the days of the NES and Mega Drive, to more recent titles which have only graced the latest consoles, and even some completely new titles exclusive to the GBA.

Army Men Advance
screenArmy Men Advance appears to take full advantage of the 2D powers of the GBA, and the game appears to be well suited to the handheld machine. Gameplay follows on from the rest of the series of Army Men titles, and you get to play as either Sarge or Vikki, in the ongoing battle between the Green army and Plastro's Tan army. Buy it at Amazon

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

screenA side scrolling 2D adventure which not only looks impressive, but also promises plenty of gameplay. Action takes place in an Austrian castle and you have to defeat evil Count Dracula, using weapons ranging from whips to daggers, and even holy water. Buy it at Amazon

Chu Chu Rocket

screenSega's cat and mouse multiplayer puzzle game from the Dreamcast makes it's way onto the GBA, and will offer frantic action for up to four people using the same cartridge. New gameplay modes and over 2500 unique puzzle boards will keep gamers up at night!

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

screenAddictive SNES arcade racer F-Zero returns, with a number of graphical improvements, including Mode7 scaling and rotation simulates the 3D effect of the hovercrafts quite impressively. There should be plenty of gameplay, as there's a number of tracks and vehicles to use. Buy it at Amazon

GT Advance Championship Racing

screenGT Advance Championship Racing for Game Boy Advance features more than 40 authentic cars with parts that can be upgraded from top car manufacturers including Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota. Head-to-head play is also a feature of the game, which means you can race against friends using the Game Boy Advance link cable. Buy it at Amazon

Krazy Racers

screenSimilar to the excellent Mario Kart, this game revolves around you racing go-karts around a number of tracks, and with a number of themed characters who each have their own specialities. A novel feature of the game is the Driving Tests which you have to pass before you can move up to the next class of kart. Graphics are very impressive, with good use of scaling and rotation. Buy it at Amazon

Mario Kart Advance

screenMario Kart Advance appears to push the graphical power of the GBA to the max, with impressive 3D style graphics. The game will also feature a 4 player linkup option, so you'll be able to race against your best friends. Sadly it won't be here for the launch of the Game Boy Advance, but fret not as it's following shortly behind, and should provide literally hours of fun.

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX

screenA shrunk down in size version of the console title, Pro BMX will offer all the thrills and spills, including grinds and ramps. Graphics are similar to Tony Hawks on the GBA. Buy it at Amazon

Rayman Advance

screenRayman makes his way onto the GBA, shrunk down from the console versions, but still offering great visuals, and plenty of gameplay. The Game Boy Advance version appears to be just like the original PlayStation version of the popular side scrolling platformer. Buy it at Amazon

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

screenThis pocket sized fighter stands up well to it's console version, and packs a hefty punch with clear and crisp graphics. Graphics are clear, and represent the boxing action well. The training games also help add to the gameplay. Buy it at Amazon

Sonic the Hedgehog Advance

screenSega's little blue Hedgehog makes his way onto the Game Boy Advance, and should bring the memories flooding back to gamers who remember playing the early Sonic titles. Graphics appear to be clear, and of a similar quality to Sonic titles on the Game Gear.

Super Mario Advance

screenSide scrolling platform fun with Nintendo's bloke in a baseball cap and overalls. The game appears to be little changed from the NES version, although there will be a few new levels. Buy it at Amazon

Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 2

screenActivision's superb skater title gets shrunk down in size to fit onto the Game Boy Advance, but from the screens that have been revealed so far, it looks like it's still going to be extreemly impressive. From pulling 360's to grinding a ledge, Tony Hawks will no doubt be right at home on the GBA. Buy it at Amazon

Further games which are also worth a mention include Ecks Vs Server, Broken Sword, 4x4 Off-Roaders, Banjo Kazooie, Street Fighter 2, and Columns Advance, to mention just a few. The support shown for the machine, buy some of the biggest names in gaming, proves that the handheld market is growing, and definetly shouldn't be seen as an inferior cut down gaming platform.

Nintendo's Game Boy Advance launches in the UK on June 22nd, and is expected to sell out, so if you want to make sure you get your hands on one, it'd be well advised to either pre-order at your local games shop, or online at Amazon who have the clear blue, white, purple and clear red models available.

Other online stores with pre-order deals include SimplyGames, Electronics Boutique, SoftwareFirst and GamesWire. - A number of them are offering either discounts off of the recommended price, or bundled packages if you order early.

We'll be having further in-depth previews, and full reviews of Game Boy Advance titles on GamesPaper soon.