When the feature film Tron was released back in 1982 it was years ahead of it's time. Now an Xbox game based on the film is in development which looks set to reveal just how futuristic the storyline was, and Kevin Hendrickson game director at Climax LA explains what we can expect from Killer App.

screen - work in progress

GamesPaper: Tell us a bit about the Tron game, and what differences are there from the original PC version?

KH: The idea for a game had been talked about for quite some time, and Tron's computer world came to life as a natural fit by bringing it to the Xbox. Buena Vista Games have allowed us to push the multiplayer levels to be a bit darker than the PC version, and have helped us develop the look that we feel sets the tone for our multiplayer Tron world, which blends nicely into the single-player storyline.

GamesPaper: What's new in the Xbox version?

KH: The most significant development is in the Multiplayer content - we added team and class based modes, along with the ability for vehicle combat with light cycles. New game modes, maps, characters and weapons give players a full multiplayer experience.

Killer App supports both System Link and Xbox Live, and will utilise a range of advanced Xbox Live 3.0 features, along with the standard Friends List, Score Boards, Downloadable Content, Voice and Communicator Headsets - we're aiming for 16 players per online game, although this is still to be announced.

screen - work in progress

GamesPaper: Multiplayer is clearly going to be a major aspect of Tron 2.0 - which of the modes are your favourite so far, and what makes them so special?

KH: Two of our favourite are Data Capture and OverRIDE. Data Capture is our class based team objective game mode - players are able to select from various classes and their respective capabilities, while working together as a team to capture and hold objective points around the maps. We felt strong about bringing a team-based class system to Tron as it rounded off the various game modes and brought a more strategic and tactical game play to our multiplayer.

OverRIDE, combines FPS action and allows players to transform at anytime into light cycles. This is a unique mode because we allow players to literally have access to a vehicle at anytime and use it as fast as a weapon. The mixture of FPS and light cycles created the need for larger maps that supports both types of game play, so they were designed to contain light bridges, overpasses, and structures to encourage a variety of game play tactics that encourage players to switching into and out of light cycles on the fly.

GamesPaper: Did you seek inspiration from other games during the development of Tron 2.0?

KH: The team is no stranger to FPS games - all of us play them in our spare time, and most of us have had first hand development experience with First Person Shooters in the past. Subsequently, we have our favourites and wanted to make sure the Killer App offered a variety of team and non team game modes along with Tron-specific game modes.

screen - work in progress

GamesPaper: Has the Tron theme given you more freedom than other First Person Shooters would usually allow?

KH: Tron's universe is perfect for allowing the integration of new and creative ideas that are spawned from technology - OverRIDE is a prime example of using a gameplay mechanic based on an idea direct from the Tron universe, allowing players to battle on large grids and at anytime transform into a light cycle and battle at high speed.

All this action combined with vast computer landscapes and a variety of unique weapons only found in the Tron world, creates a really powerful formula of gameplay, and we expect the public to be favourably surprised by the level of development that has gone into this game.

GamesPaper: Finally, is there anything you wanted to include but werenít able to, and do you forsee a Tron 3.0?

KH: Ideas donít stop, although development must obviously come to an end at some point, so we have a pile of ideas and afterthoughts and have collected them together into what may be a next incarnation of Tron.

Tron 2.0: Killer App is due for release on the Xbox on November 26th, published by Ubisoft, and you can find out more about the game on the official website.