GamesPaper got to ask Takeo Mogi, programmer behind Kemco's exciting new Game Boy Advance title Mech Platoon, some questions in an exclusive English language interview that you simply won't read anywhere else on the net.

photo of one of the artists working on the Mech Platoon models

GamesPaper What was the first thing that made you want to make a Real Time Strategy game for the GBA?

Takeo Mogi Real Time Strategy is my favourite type of game. However, RTS is mainly for PC's and I can’t play this type of games outside, So I wanted to produce a RTS game for AGB - as nobody had tried before - and play by myself, too.

GamesPaper Did you get inspiration from any other similar games when making Mech Platoon?

Takeo Mogi "Age of Empires", "Star Craft", "Syndicate".

Mech Platoon gba Mech Platoon gba

GamesPaper Was there anything that you wanted to include in the game, but couldn't?

Takeo Mogi There's always something you can't include, that's why there are sequels. :-)

I have many minor things that I wanted to include in the game, of course. Random map is the main thing. I gave up including this because I thought it was impossible to include in a given time and physically limit.

If I have chance to release Mech Platoon 2, I really want to include this.

GamesPaper How long did Mech Platoon take to make, and how many people are on the development team?

Takeo Mogi It took just one year to make. At the busiest time during the development, including all the support staff, there were more than 20 people in total. This number doesn't include test players. Regular team members for Mech Platoon are 12 including me.

photo of Takumi Takahashi of WILL

GamesPaper What previous games have you developed?

Takeo Mogi The previous game for WILL and me is DaiKatana for the Game Boy Color.

GamesPaper What are your favourite 3 games of all time on any format?

Takeo Mogi 1. Age of Empire II (PC), 2. Dragon Quest Monsters II (GBC), and 3. Civilization (PC).

GamesPaper Xbox, Gamecube, or PlayStation 2 - which do you think will win the console battle?

Takeo Mogi Kemco is a traditional licensee of Nintendo and we trust in the power of GameCube. In the end, the player will win, for he can choose the machine that features the best games.

GamesPaper Do you think games on mobile phones is the future of gaming?

Takeo Mogi It will take more time to stable the standard, because the technique is still developing. It looks promising but I don't think it will be substitute for mobile machine like GBA, because it has some functional problem especially size of the screen - nobody wants to have the cell phone with display as big as GBA.

photo of the hand drawn level maps and the game being run on a dev kit

GamesPaper Will there be a sequel to Mech Platoon on the GBA?

Takeo Mogi That's what I want to know. I strongly hope it will.

Kemco Europe And here's the official word from Kemco Europe: We are thinking about this. If the answer is yes, you'll learn at E3!

GamesPaper And finally, any secrets or hints about playing Mech Platoon that you could let us know?

Takeo Mogi Make new unit by picking up parts! That's the most important thing to complete the game. The unit's ability and secret items that player will get after completing the game will depend on which force the player chose from the three forces available.

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