With the release of D-Day approaching, we managed to speak with Tamás Daubner - Executive Producer at Digital Reality - and ask a few questions about what to expect from Digital Jesters latest game.


GamesPaper: So as people can have an idea of what to expect, which two games would you consider D-Day is a cross between, and why?

TD: D-Day is a mixture between the good old Panzer General and Blitzkrieg. D-Day has all the aspects of the once-mighty SSI-series with being historically accurate, having a gameplay focusing on firepower/defensive ratings and being fun to play.

On the other hand it also has a lot of things reminiscent to Blitzkrieg, such as massive battles and some micro-management, but being in completely 3D having the ability to rotate and zoom with the camera, too.

GamesPaper: How does D-Day differ from other war based real time strategy games - what sets it apart/makes it different from anything before?

TD: Let's name some of the key features of D-Day: by putting the right kind of infantry into a tank, you can increase its stats without being too complicated; you can capture and use enemy technology with ease; you can drop paratroopers behind enemy lines, causing havoc; you can completely raise the terrain and find new ways to defeat stationary enemies; you can hide in buildings to ambush approaching enemy convoys etc.

These are features you don't usually have in a strategy game - they make a strong and solid package and very nice, tactical gameplay.


GamesPaper: The story of the Normandy Veterans is particularly in peoples minds currently due to the recent D-Day 60th anniversary commemorations - which of the events from D-Day would you say really stand out in the game?

TD: The game concentrates on the events just before D-Day until the utter defeat of the German Army by the closing of the Falaise Pocket some weeks later. From the 12 missions of the game, two are really outstanding with their sheer size and are fully action-packed.

First of all, the landing at Omaha Beach is one of the most spectacular battles ever done in an RTS title: this mission, contrary to the one at Falaise involves mainly infantry. The Falaise mission concentrates more on tanks and aerial raids, being from start to finish one hell of a ride!

GamesPaper: D-Day has received approval from the "Normandie Memoire" association - has this changed the way aspects of the game have been developed, or helped with the desire to make the missions as historically accurate as possible?

TD: Well, as the approval was given in the early days of development, it hasn't changed a lot of things. Digital Reality and Monte Cristo Multimedia has planned together a game about D-Day that's as historically accurate as it could be – and we are convinced that this was the hook which got the attention of "Normandie Mémoire" and convinced them to help us during development.

They let us use their library of photos, written-down testaments and the legacy they are so proud of were successfully transferred to the PC. They organised recording sessions with veterans and the footage was cut and put inside the game - this helped D-Day to be more than just a game, it has educational values, too.


GamesPaper: There's a map editor included with D-Day, with the obvious aim of getting gamers to create their own maps - is there a chance of "D-Day 2" with missions not based on the real-life events from 60 years ago, but instead changing the course of history?

TD: All I can say is that plans for making a sequel to D-Day are not in the immediate future as right now we've started working on completely different games.

GamesPaper: And finally is there any "exclusive info" that you can let GamesPaper readers know about D-Day?

TD: All 12 levels are full of surprises, the biggest one of them is an Easter Egg on the St Mere Eglise mission. Try to collapse the cathedral then use sappers to ignite the candles placed on the edges of the Pentagram and see the result for yourselves...

D-Day is due to make it's landing on the beaches of the PC on August 27th, and you can find out more about the game on the official D-Day website.