When we were offered an interview with Team 17, the developers behind the classic Worms games, we simply couldn't refuse, and GamesPaper's Editor Simon Martin got to ask Debbie Bestwick Commercial Director of Team 17 all about the fantastic little worms..

GamesPaper Why do you feel Worms is such a popular game, when many other games which first appeared at the same time as Worms are no longer received by gamers as being good enough to compete with current titles, or have simply vanished never to be seen again?

Team 17 That’s simple quality Gameplay and re-play value Worms 1 almost 6 years after release is still in the UK charts purely word of mouth. No marketing has been carried out for 2-3 years now, which explains how important Gameplay is. Worms really is unlike anything else in the market place and great games like Worms deserve all the success they get.

GamesPaper The solid gameplay makes Worms appeal to many gamers - is this something that you've specifically tried to achieve in Worms World Party, instead of following the trend like so many other games of having cutting-edge graphics which lack in the gameplay department?

Team 17 Solid Gameplay is something we will put into every Worms game we do otherwise it’s not worth doing at all. The ‘cutting edge graphics with lack of gameplay’ approach is something you’ll never see from Team17. We value our Worms franchise and fan base very highly and have seen far too many developers and publishers in the past ruin good products or brands by trying to be to clever and forgetting Gameplay comes first. That’s out motto and something we are very proud of.

GamesPaper What do you think makes the turn based play in Worms successful when compared with other similar multiplayer games?

Team 17 The whole feel & attitude of the game, nothing beats it when your taking a shot that kills off your mates last worm while he’s sat at the side of you and can do nothing about it. Apart from starting that next game and yelling revenge.

GamesPaper Out of the PS2, Xbox and GameCube, what platform do you feel has the most going for it?

Team 17 It’s hard to pick one that stands out at the moment my personal preference is GameCube for the quality of games Nintendo first party products are superb. As a company we will support all platforms that are commercially viable.

GamesPaper Do you think games on more technically advanced mobile phones will be popular during the next few years?

Team 17 I’m more convinced on interactive TV than I am on Mobile right now, interactive TV is more ahead than mobiles but firmly do believe nextgen Mobiles will be popular how we access content, how they charge and how we make the right level of revenue to sustain development on these platforms is another question. This year is too soon for us to consider worms, but next year we will move into Mobile either direct development or licensing.

GamesPaper What are your favourite 3 games (excluding Worms) of all time on any platform?

Team 17 Only 3..? tough one ‘of all time’..

Football Manager on the Spectrum (as it was the first game I ever bought) very simple straight to the point and years of my life wasted playing this game till the early hours of the morning knowing I had to get up for school the next day.

Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast, sorry but I love all and every beat-em-up games available a good way to get rid of the stress and something I can beat the guys at.

Alien Breed (apologies a T17 game) on the Amiga, probably up their with No1 Football Manager for the pure amount of time I played it and the whole series to be honest, absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere was nerve racking (but I was quite young)

GamesPaper There's a lot of humour and character in the Worms, as if they were real life people - is there anyone famous who you'd like to model a Worm on, and why?

Team 17 Can I pick one famous and one Industry person?

Famous: - No choice it has to be Brian Clough no two ways about it, no-one would mess with him ‘old big head’ himself, screams attitude and character appeal. He’d be the king worm.

Industry: - Garry Williams the owner of Sold Out Software he’s a machine never stops and he’s as funny as they come reasons for comedy value and he would be the last Worm standing no-two ways about it.

GamesPaper If there was one thing that you'd like to include in a Worms game, what would it be?

Team 17 More characterisation and something we are working on.

GamesPaper What does the future hold for the Worms series?

Team 17 Plenty we have a long-term strategy and you’ll start to hear of the next game very shortly.

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