At the E3 expo in Los Angeles last month the two big hardware showings were from Nintendo and Sony, but they wern't the only new pieces of hardware on show though, and we've highlighted four of the biggest runners-up below.

Infinium Labs Phantom

hardware photo

It was rumoured for a long time, and even considered to be a hoax by some parts of the media at one stage, but it'd appear that Infinium Labs are highly serious about their Phantom console. Instead of using the traditional approach of supplying games on media such as CD or DVD the Phantom will rely on high speed broadband internet connections, which will give gamers the ability to download titles to the machines 40gb hard drive.

A combined keyboard and mouse unit will also stand out from the crowd when it comes to controllers for consoles, and is more like the sort of arrangement that you'd expect from a PC. There will however be a standard hand controller, which is believed to be a special version of a Saitek P220 PC gaming pad.

MoMA Eve

hardware photo

Thought to have been new hardware from Sega on the run-up to E3, it was instead revealed that the Eve from MoMA will have exclusively produced content made by Sega. So to the hardware itself then... It's got a 4 inch screen which is said to run at an impressive (for the size) 640x480 resolution.

We're not too convinced by the shape of the device though, as it looks as though it's moulded in the "open clamshell" form which you get when using a GBA SP - trouble is, it looks like you can't close it, meaning it's going to be difficult (impossible) to fit in your pocket - surely a major requirement with a portable games machine like this.

Tapwave Zodiac

hardware photo

Tapwave's Zodiac claims to be "the world’s first true mobile entertainment console" and is ultimately a high-spec PDA, running on the Palm operating system, with everything that you'd expect from a personal digital assistant such as music player, photo and video viewer, contact management, syncronisation with Outlook, alarm clock, calculator - the list goes on...

Game-wise it looks like the device can easily pack a punch, with support for 3D graphics at 480x320 resolution and 65,536 colours. Well known titles including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, DOOM II and SpyHunter have all been confirmed for the platform, and it'd appear that publisher support for the device is stronger than some attempts at portable hardware.


hardware photo

Similar in style to the Zodiac, the Gizmondo was originally called the "gametrac", and is aiming to offer "a new era in mobile gaming", with the ability to have a camera, gps, gprs and bluetooth connectivity, music and movie player ability, and gaming on a 2.8 inch LCD screen.

The number of games available for the device isn't quite as impressive as some other mobile formats though, and could be the downfall of the device. Early screenshots of the games that are in development for the device though certainly look promising, and if it can gain a good amount of publisher support it could certainly do well.