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» Microsoft to offer New Xbox Experience this autumn
Microsoft have used their pre-E3 media briefing to announce a number of new Xbox 360 titles, and also a complete upgrade to the console's popular Dashboard..
» Sony slash $100 off PlayStation 3 in America
Sony Computer Entertainment America have cut the price of the PlayStation 3 in America - just days after strongly denying that they were going to do so...
» Contra flows on to Live Arcade
Xbox Live Arcade has been given a further boost to its catalogue of classic Arcade titles today, with the announcement of 12 new titles all due for release on to the in the coming months, including Contra and Tempest...
» Lik-Sang closure blamed on Sony lawsuits
Hong Kong based export games retailer Lik-Sang have announced that they are to close with immediate effect, and have blamed multiple lawsuits by Sony as the reason for their demise...
» November for 129.99 Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive
Microsoft have set November 7th as the British release date for their Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive accessory during their X06 media event in Barcelona, and reaffirmed support for full 1080p output...
» Wii wish you a Merry Christmas
» Sony scrap plans for European PlayStation 3
» PlayStation 2 tickled pink by price cut
» Free Xbox 360 game development kit announced
» Cargo Pilot demo delivers loads of crate fun
» Colin McRae gets dragged through the DIRT
» Frogger jumpstarts Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays
» Auto Assault goes in to overdrive
» Heatwave leads to Mercury Meltdown
» 125 upgrades in new Xbox 360 dashboard
» Xbox games in 9.99 price crash
» June 23rd for 99.99 DS Lite
» E3 2006: Xbox 360 gets HD-DVD, wheel, camera, Vista link
» E3 2006: Wii will launch this year, promises Nintendo
» E3 2006: Sony make 'no shock' PlayStation 3 announcement
» Stealth Fighter detected on release radar
» Microsoft take everyone to E3, for free!
» Sony Europe launch PSP firmware 2.7
» Phantas-tic news for Xbox 360 owners
» Adidas to sponsor free week of Xbox Live
» Battle of the B-Boys
» Sega score with Sports Interactive signing
» Bugbear working FlatOut on sequel
» Xbox 360 hits 10m Marketplace downloads
» GamesPaper - Five years old today

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Gamers made aware of memory importance

The amount of memory in your computer could be crucial to enjoyment of the latest games titles, which can benefit from new high-performance Ballistix RAM.

It's suggested that most PC owners could at least double their computers memory, in many cases giving even old PC's a new lease of life or new powerful PC's their true full potential. Find out here how much and which RAM your computer needs.

Speed boost for British gamers

Internet service providers across the UK have been increasing connection speeds rapidly over the past few months, with new higher speed 8Mbps products from BT Total Broadband and other major ADSL providers.

The new faster speeds are already being offered in some parts of the country, where operator UK Online are providing a Home 22Mbps service over selected BT telephone lines in major urban areas.

Meanwhile gamers living in Telewest and NTL cabled areas can now receive up to 10Mbps download speeds on the top consumer package.

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