A girl from South London has queued for 17 hours, to be the first in the UK to buy Nintendo's new Gamecube.


Sarah Dodd, a 19 year old A-level student from Clapham, spent a whopping 17 hours queing outside the Oxford Street HMV, and woke up at 5.30am to make sure she'd be the first there.

A life long fan of computer games, Sarah has bought every games console produced over the past 12 years, and when not studying gets paid to test computer games.


Queues at the midnight launch events held at three HMV stores stretched for an impressive distance, with the Oxford Street store managing to get a queue right around the block for three hours at 9am yesterday.

Nintendo's early indications point to 10,000 consoles being sold in the first 2 hours alone, and most of the initial units expected to sell out this weekend, after pre-orders went crazy with the pre-launch price cut.


As soon as we hear more first day sales figures, and details about the best selling launch titles, we'll let you know.

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