Microsoft have this morning announced that more than 350,000 gamers have signed up for their Xbox Live broadband gaming service worldwide since it launched in America last November.

Xbox Live Starter Kit

The news comes just less than two weeks before the official launch of the service across Europe, which is expected to see another huge number of gamers buying the Xbox Live starter kits featuring the communicator headset and two demo Xbox Live titles when they appear in shops on March 14th priced at 39.99 each.

Xbox Live is said to have massed over 15.7 million hours of online play so far, with an average of 3 million gaming sessions being conducted per week.

Add-on content has also been proving popular with Microsoft saying that over 172,000 downloads of Mech Assault content have been made in one week alone, and they're expecting similar popularity when Ubi Soft release the exclusive Kola Cell mission for Splinter Cell next Friday.

We'll be having further news of the European launch of Xbox Live on March 14th, and you can order your Xbox Live Starter Kit from Amazon now.

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