We first got to see a video of The 3D Gamemaker on show at ECTS at the start of September, and now the official website has launched, providing more details about the gamemaker which allows anyone to create unique 3D games without any programming knowledge.


The website at www.the3dgamemaker.com currently provides a forum for users to discuss their game creations, and also screenshots showing the simple steps to create a game. Once the package has launched later this month, it is expected that extra model downloads will be available, and a full community of users will be built up exchanging game files between each other.

Using an easy to use click and play interface, gamers get to choose from literally millions of variations, such as the theme of game, characters, weapons and sounds. You can also personalise the games by adding your own 3D models - even grab your face from a photo and stick it on the head of a character.

screen screen

A range of games can be made, from racers to first person shooters, 3D adventures, and even crazy cartoon adventures with zany graphics, with the only limit being your imagination. There's also an option to let the gamemaker program automatically create a game for you in seconds, simply by the press of a button.

The 3D Gamemaker will be on sale from October 18th, published by Focus Multimedia, priced at 29.99 - you can pre-order T3DGM now from the official The 3D Gamemaker website, and we'll be having a full review soon.

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