Datel have just let us know about their new Action Replay 2 V2 limited edition pack for the PlayStation 2, which comes bundled with an 8mb memory card.


AR2V2 is the UK's best selling cheat system for the PS2, and we've been using it for a couple of months now, and have been totally stunned at how many extras you can unlock in games, and all the other features including the DVD Region X which removes the region lock barriers allowing foreign DVD's to be viewed on PAL PS2's, and the Memory Manager which shrinks your gamesaves into a compressed form so as you can fit more on to a memory card.

Datel are providing gamers with an 8mb memory card when they buy the limited edition packs, at 39.99 - the standard version of AR2 V2 usually retails at 29.99, so with the limited pack you're saving 10 on the RRP of their standard memory card (19.99), and a whopping 20 off the price of Sony's official memory cards which retail at 29.99 (when you can find somewhere that's got any stock of them, of course).

You can get the "AR2 V2 limited edition pack" for the PlayStation 2 from all good high street retailers including Electronics Boutique, GAME and HMV, or by visiting Datel's Codejunkies website.