Flight Simulation specialist Just Flight have let us know about their latest add-on pack ActiveSky wxRE, which is set to bring a new level of realism to aviation fans with it's ever changing flight conditions.


The pack upgrades Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 to have simulated weather effects which change in line with real world conditions thanks to a live online updating mode where your virtual location shows the real weather as it's happening.

Weather data can either be downloaded for use offline, where it can be manipulated to create the conditions that you wish to fly in, or update with real time dynamic changes which will see a full range of effects such as storms and clouds forming - and unlike in the standard Flight Simulator the weather won't just pop up on screen or dissapear without warning.


ActiveSky wxRE will also feature a wake turbulence simulation, which will see extreme turbulence causing you to have a loss of control of your aircraft and requiring some advanced piloting skills to regain control, just like a real airline pilot would have to.

Other weather conditions will include icing, wind elements, thunderstorms, precipitation and fog. ATIS voice weather updates will provide you with updates of the weather conditions in the area so as you can decide on diverting to a different course or airport


ActiveSky wxRE is due for release later this month, and more details can be found on the Just Flight website.

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