Activision have announced that they're teaming up with iD Software for Doom III, which will be shown off at the forthcoming E3 expo later this month.

The game will make it's debut on Activision's booth at E3, and is bound to cause a stir in what's expected to be a very exciting follow-up to the previous titles that have been in the series, since the original Doom nearly 10 years ago.

iD Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead commented that "DOOM III will change what people expect to see and experience in a PC game", and the all new 3D graphics engine that the title is being built on is said to draw players in to a frightening and gripping experience.

Larry Goldberg, executive vice president at Activision says that he feels "id fans and action gamers alike share our anticipation for the latest incarnation of DOOM, which is one of the most important franchises in PC gaming history".

We'll bring you more news and the first screens of Doom III in action as soon as they're made public, along with all the latest news from E3, which runs takes place between 22nd and 24th of May.