After last night's earthquake that shook large parts of the UK, it seems everyone's talking about it and what the country would be like if something bigger happened, and with Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life, it seems as though you've got a chance to find out.


The game sees you taking the role of commander at the emergency services control centre, where you get to tell which crews should attend each emergency, how many of them should go there, and what to do once they get there, so as you minimise casualties and get the whole situation brought under control effectively.

Some 25 varied emergency scenarios are thrown at you to test your skills and tactical planning, from a high speed train that has crashed in to a bridge, to a poison gas attack during a presidential visit, pile-up's on the motorway during fog, and even explosions on a nuclear submarine.


Before each mission you get to watch a video of the event unfolding, which gives you an overview of the mission that you are about to deal with, and some form of idea of the seriousness of the problem, which you need to base your requests for emergency services.

As commander you get to call on the help of all of the emergency and specialist services, with more than 20 fire fighting units including fire fighting planes, 10 rescue units with helicopters and rescue dogs, 10 police units incuding specialist forces, psychologists and even traffic police to help redirect traffic.


Commands are carried out from the state of the art control centre, which gives you a full rundown of what's happening where, and which units are on route to the emergency, day and night, and through every form of weather condition imaginable.

Emergency 2 is due to set alarm bells ringing, when it's released on the PC during October, published by Take 2.