Cambridgeshire based simulation specialists Just Flight have announced that they are to launch an Airbus A340 add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, along with an update to their popular FS Traffic system.


A340 Professional will see some of Europe's largest and most advanced airliners taking to the virtual skies, with each of the planes accurately modelled with full animation of features right down to things like the passenger and cargo doors, and the wings flexing as in real life.

A massive 42 different airline liveries will make up the collection of planes, with all of the big names appearing on the sides of the A330 and A340 planes - each of which have been tested by real world Airbus pilots to ensure that the flight models are set up to feel just like the real aircraft.


The company are also launching a 2004 version of FS Traffic, which builds on the features of their FS Traffic 2002 pack which we reviewed last year and thought was an impressive addition to any flight simulation collection, especially with the busier airports like Heathrow.

Traffic 2004 brings together over 170,000 scheduled airline flights to simulate the traffic patterns and there's more than 3,000 airports which have been modified to incorporate the upgraded traffic including the correct parking spaces and taxiway movements, along with new voice packs for the air traffic control which relays vital messages to aircraft both in the sky and on the ground.


We're hoping to review both of the products on GamesPaper just as soon as they've landed, and in the meantime you can find out more details about the range of upcoming Flight Simulation add-ons are available from the Just Flight website.

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