Following our report yesterday about Amazon having UK Gamecubes available for pre-order, the online retailer now have a selection of launch titles listed on their product pages. had featured the Purple and Black Gamecubes on pre-order at 149.99 after Nintendo announced its expected retail price for Gamecube at 249 euros. A price row erupted with retailers and Nintendo have since confirmed the true UK price, which has seen Amazon reconsider their price, with the machines now available for 164.99 - still somewhat of a bargain.

However if you got in quickly at the lower price then will honour all customer's orders who pre-ordered GameCube at the 149.99 - if you've not pre-ordered yet, then we'd suggest you do so from Amazon as high street prices are likely to be in excess of 164.99 and you don't need to leave a non-refundable deposit either.

Amazon have now added a number of launch day Gamecube titles to their offerings, including Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Rogue Squadron II, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball, Wave Race: Blue Storm, Sonic Adventure 2, International Superstar Soccer 2, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, Spiderman, NBA Courtside 2002 and 2002 FIFA World Cup. The titles have a 39.99 price tag, which is inline with the direct conversion from Euros that Nintendo announced earlier in the week.

No extra accessories such as memory cards or controllers are listed on Amazon's product pages yet, although with the launch still 3 months away, it seems likely that Amazon will keep adding more products, including a huge range of third party accessories from the likes of Datel and Radica.

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