Online retailer have started to take pre-orders for Nokia's new N-Gage QD handset, but the launch date appears to have slipped from mid-May to late June.


Both a Coal and Orange version of the new QD handset are showing as being available for pre-order, with a price of 139.99 - some 20 less than Amazon are currently charging for the old N-Gage which was released last year with a hefty price tag of 230.

The upgraded device was announced last month and appears to show that Nokia has listened to criticism from owners of the original handset, especially in areas such as changing games. N-Gage QD will feature a "Hot Swap" port letting you simply take a card out and slot a new one in, where as previously you'd have had to take the back panel off and remove the battery just to reach the game card.

More responsive control buttons, longer battery life and a brighter screen all make up other improvements to the QD, and at long last the ridiculous need to hold the phone sideways whilst talking has been banished to history.

Last week at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles Nokia confirmed a number of new titles for the N-Gage, including Driv3r and Civilization from Atari, and SSX Snowboarding from EA Sports.

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