Sega of America have announced that they are to lower the retail price of the Dreamcast console across the USA.

The price will drop from $99.95 to $79.95, which is about 60 in real money. A European price drop hasn't been confirmed, but it's likely that we'll follow suit, probably dropping to around the 80 mark before long.

Controllers and VMU's are also to recieve a lower retail price, although the UK price conversion works out to be pretty much the same as what's already being offered at the Sega Europe Dreamshop.

The lower price is in line with the company's strategy to be a third-party developer on multiple platforms, and to develop games with their popular franchises for the PS2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and GameCube.

In America more than 20 titles are expected to be released this year for the Dreamcast, with many of them also making their way over to Europe, such as Shenmue II, and Propeller Arena.

If a European price drop is going to happen, then you can be sure to hear about it in your daily GamesPaper.