Development team Hornydog have announced on that their Dreamcast title, Hellgate, has been indefinitely suspended.

A dissapointed Steve Pick of HornyDog said "If the game was to come out in the near future, it won't be on Dreamcast. I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the title and the disappointment over the title's shelving. The Sega announcement that they were ceasing production of Dreamcast hardware wasn't much of a help"

Most of the artwork was complete, and development of the impressive title had been going on for the past 15 months, but sadly this was not enough for it to get to the Dreamcast.

Hellgate was looking to be a very promising multiplayer title with online capabilities, and billed as "a crossover between Quake and WipeOut", with action taking place on Hellbikes.

HornyDog are set to reveal plans for their next project at E3 later this week, and we'll be bringing you the news direct from the development team.

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