Sony have confirmed plans for EyeToy Chat - a global video messaging system using the hugely popular EyeToy camera and the PlayStation 2 broadband Network Gaming service.


EyeToy Chat appears to function in a similar way to Datel's Junk TV, but will not only feature a 16 user voice messaging system but also "text chatrooms" supporting up to 256 users at once, whilst also giving users of the realtime one-to-one video chat service the ability to play games such as Chess and Draughts.

Users from around the world will be able to communicate for free via the service as long as a broadband connection is available and users are registered for Sony's free PlayStation Net service, which is part of the process of setting up the PlayStation 2's network adapter.


Sony expect EyeToy Chat to be available by the Summer - just in time for the school holidays, and further details about the title are expected to be revealed when it's shown at E3 in Los Angeles later this month.

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