Pro Play have announced that they are to launch a steering wheel accessory, for the Game Boy Advance - bet you wern't expecting that!

Game Boy Advance steering wheel from Pro Play

The accessory, called "Rally Boy" lets you slot a GBA in to the space behind the wheel, and view the screen through the middle of the wheel shaped device.

Rally Boy GBA wheel in packagingRally Boy is said to be the worlds first steering wheel for the Game Boy Advance (we've definitely not seen any others), and is 20cm across, providing for a compact way to control driving games without the need to press buttons on the direction pad.

A full selection of button functions are available, with accelerate and brake positioned to the right of the screen on the wheel, and the Up, Down, Select and Start are all within easy reach of the left of the screen.

The wheel is expected to retail between 14.99 and 19.99, although Pro Play haven't set a firm price as yet, and should find it's way in to the shops during mid-October.

You can find out more details about the Pro Play range on the website.