Atari (or Infogrames up to a couple of weeks ago) have announced that their recently released Enter The Matrix game has smashed sales records by selling more than 1 million units in North America and Europe during it's first week on sale.


The game launched the same week as The Matrix Reloaded hit the cinema screens, meaning Matrix-hype was at an all time high, with the game being a blend of storyline between The Matrix and the second film in the trilogy.

"These initial sales results exemplify the power of the Wachowski Brothers' vision for the franchise. This is the beginning of our sales success as we expect continued strong returns for the duration of the year, based on the success of The Matrix Reloaded and the upcoming release of The Matrix Revolutions" said Atari's Bruno Bonnell.

Earlier this month at E3 in Los Angeles Ubi Soft announced that they will be publishing the next Matrix title, which will be a massively multiplayer online title, and called The Matrix Online.

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