The recent events in America have had a knock on affect to the games industry, with many titles being reworked or postponed.

Konami's Metal Gear Solid 2 had a plot revolving around the destruction of New York, with cut scenes of the Manhattan skyline, and a whole level set in the World Trade Centre. These scenes are now expected to be removed from the title.

Microsoft have removed the World Trade Centre from their latest simulator, saying that it was inappropriate for them to remain in the simulator. The twin towers are also being considered for removal from Bizarre Creations Xbox title Project Gotham, which has an accurate photo realistic representation of New York. Both Bizarre Creations and Microsoft are currently negotiating the best option for the game.

JoWood's World War III: Black Gold features real life tanks and forces from the current day, with events set to unfold during November 2001, but understandably has been postponed for the time being. "As a mark of respect to those who lost their lives in the recent terrorist attacks in the United States, JoWooD Productions has announced that the UK release of its forthcoming PC strategy game World War III: Black Gold has been indefinitely postponed"

Big Ben UK today released an updated schedule for their Dreamcast titles, with Propeller Arena being moved back to a January 2002 launch in Europe - the game had sections where you would fly a plane over built up areas with skyscrapers, and this was felt that the release was inappropriate - it's not yet known if the city scenario will be removed from the game.

Many other games which have plots based on Terrorism, War, or put the gamer in control of planes are also being reviewed - with the terrible events of the last week, it's to be applauded that the games industry has taken a responsible view towards the events, and that some of the more sensitive titles are being reworked or delayed as a mark of respect.

GamesPaper will let you know of any further announcements made by the games industry in relation to the horrific events which have understandably shaken so many people.