Electronics retailer Dixons have started their pre-order scheme for Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Portable, although you'll have to put down 10 up-front if you want one.

The announcement from Dixons claims that the PSP has been "flying off the shelves as fast as retailers can stock it" in Japan and America since it launched - although some retailers in the USA have been reporting quite a different picture, claiming that whilst hugely popular it isn't moving as fast as some expected.

Paying up front to pre-order isn't anything new, although with retailers such as Amazon.co.uk allowing you to do the same for free with no money taken until the item is dispatched, we can't quite see the benefit in paying a deposit to secure one from Dixons.

August 1st is being touted as the expected release date on the Dixons website, where as Amazon are still claiming June 24th. A point on which retailers do seem to agree however is the 179 price point which has been speculated upon for months now.