Australian developer Auran have announced this morning that they are to transform their popular Trainz railway simulator game in to a full professional quality simulator, whilst remaining a product which is suited to the budget of gamers.

Announcement on the Trainz website forum

In a statement on the Trainz website forum, the company revealed plans for the Future of Trainz, which will involve splitting the simulator into three unique areas of interest so as they can focus on the core areas that each requires.

Current owners of TRS2004 will get one further free Service Pack and an Engineers Edition expansion pack, with a gold edition expected to follow at a later date. Wider forms of transport will be covered in a transportation manager game which will build on the features in the Trainz series with a greater emphasis on economics and management.

Trainz announcement

The third area which Auran are to focus on is a full prototypical-driving simulator which will be called RailSimPro and is expected to be of a commercial standard and utilising a new version of their proprietary Jet engine, with development expected to take at least two years and each version of the simulator having a three year life cycle to justify the higher price which it will retail for compared with the standard Trainz titles, and will also see the release of a Lite-Edition which will be pitched at the gaming market with a retail price which will be attractive to standard retailer outlets and expected to compete directly with Microsoft's heavily-delayed Train Simulator 2.

Other impressive features which will prove popular with rail fans include the ability to have full online abilities allowing drivers to experience a "real traffic" environment, along with a dispatcher system which will allow signal control over the internet from anywhere in the world using fully prototypical signalling systems.

Specific details of the forthcoming products are expected to be confirmed over the coming months, and we'll bring further news as we get it.

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