NCsoft have shifted up a gear by releasing the first major update for their vehicle-wrecking MMORPG Auto Assault, offering new content and missions alongside a number of bugfixes and gameplay improvements.


A number of "Uber Missions" have been launched to cater for high level characters, with special rewards on offer for anyone who manages to complete them, whilst over 50 new missions have been added across the game to cater for all skill levels, and the ability to spend points on your character to give them specific skills if they're underperforming in key areas.

Community features of Auto Assault have also received a bit of a turbo boost with the introduction of the ability to chat for your entire race no matter where you are in the game world, whilst new Clan-specific commands allowing for easier control of clan based matches.

More information about the not-so-snappily-named " free update" can be found on the official Auto Assault website and you can get in on the action with the Auto Assault Collectors Edition which is available from now.