BBC Multimedia have announced that they are to bring Robot Wars to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, complimenting their titles on the PC and PS2 which they announced last week.

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The game is loosely based on the television series, which is approaching it's fifth series, and builds on the success of last years Robot Wars Metal Mayhem on the Game Boy Color.

Popular robots will be controllable, including Hypnodisc, Chaos II and Panic Attack, and you get to fight it out against the ever faithful House Robots including Dead Metal, Matilda and Sir Killalot.

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Using Hydraulic flippers, steel spikes, flame throwers, pneumatic hammers and self-righting mechanisms, you will be able to construct your own DIY robots and then place them in to battle.

The Game Boy Advance's multi-player linkup option will also be used to full effect, allowing gamers to play in modes including Death Match, Tag Team and Grudge Match.

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Robot Wars will be making their way on to the GBA this November, and looks like it'll be a title to keep a very close eye on.

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