Telegames have released some new screens of Backtrack, the first Game Boy Advance First Person Shooter, which is readying itself for it's UK release during October.


We got to see Backtrack at The Nintendo Show at the start of September, and were very impressed with how Telegames have managed to represent 3D on the GBA, which was hardly designed with 3D games in mind.

As can be seen from the screens on this page, the graphics are solid, if not a bit bizarre - until you get to see the game in action, it's hard to know how good the game actually looks, and

screen screen

A number of weapons are available to use against the alien opposition, and a clever "droid" multiplayer mode means that you can either play against real humans via the GBA link-up cable, or against the computer droids, who can be co-operative playing on your team, providing death match action even when you're all on your own.

screen screen

screen screen

BackTrack will be unleashed on to the Game Boy Advance on October 5th, and GamesPaper are hoping to bring a full review as soon as we can.

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