An article in the British Medical Journal has warned that games consoles could cause "Hand-arm vibration syndrome" due to the vibration effect built in to controllers.

The letter from a top medical professional, says that a 15 year old boy had developed the syndrome after use of a PlayStation controller on driving games where the rumble effect kicked in as the car went off road. A link has been made to the industrial disease which can be bought on from devices such as pneumatic road drills and powered chain saws - however, a games controller is hardly a pneumatic drill or a powered chain saw, is it?

Doctors want to see health warnings to advise users and parents of the potential dangers that could be faced from use of game controllers warning of the problem that can be bought on from their use, despite there being no previous reports of the syndrome, and no confirmed cases by any of the controller manufacturers.

So there you have it, according to doctors, your hands might fall off or start to get blisters from over use of games controllers - shame it's not April 1st.