Vivendi Interactive have revealed the first screens of Crash Bandicoot on the GBA, and it's looking like it's going to be a real stunner.

screen screen

Titled "Crash Bandicoot X/S", the game will contain 20 levels set in six varied locations, including sewers, jungle and arctic caverns.

Dr Cortex is set upon world domination and uses his new invention, a massive shrinking ray, which he fires at Earth making the planet and all inhabitants the size of a grapefruit - Heroic Crash and Coco create a machine to reverse the effects, and Crash needs to find crystals for Coco to be able to build the machine.

screen screen

Gameplay makes use of the ever faithful side-scrolling platformer style, but also feature 3D chase levels and aerial dogfight combat sequences, which we haven't seen yet, but if the screens on this page are anything to go by, they should be just as impressive.

Crash Bandicoot will be squeezing himself on to the GBA's small screen early in 2002.

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