The latest screens of Ubi Soft's Batman Vengeance on the Xbox have swooped down upon us, and it's looking like Gotham City's in for a treat.


The game is based on the PlayStation 2 version, but features cleaner and improved textures by taking full advantage of the added power that the Xbox can deliver.

Further improvements include enhanced high-precision shadow mapping, and a constant 60 FPS which is expected to offer improved playability.

screen screen

Fighting the evils of Gotham City, you'll come up against villains such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn, in a linear style gameplay with 19 playable maps which involve the use of the Batmobile, Batjet and also the armour enhanced cape.

Fully animated cinematics will make up cut scenes throughout the gameplay, immersing gamers in the atmosphere of being Batman, and bringing the game to life as clues are unveiled and the plot evolves.

screen screen

Batman Vengeance is due for release on the Xbox in March.