Sony and PlayLogic look set to go head to head in a battle of the B-Boys, with both companies announcing new games based on the hip-hop craze of breakdancing.


B-Boy battles sees dancers "fighting" against each other without kicking or punching, with competitors performing a selection of aerobatic dance moves and actions until only the champion is left standing, and it's grown so big that there's even a Red Bull sponsored event each year, which is the basis of the PlayLogic title.

Sony's game however is taking a more street-style approach to the gameplay by introducing 21 venues from around the world and putting 40 rival B-boys up against each other with what they claim to be big names from the B-Boy culture including Crumbs, Hong10, Mouse and in-game host "Crazy Legs".

More than 40 licensed hip hop and classic funk tracks which have been mixed on the fly by in-game DJs, and PSP-specific features will include the ability to play in multiplayer mode using the built-in wireless networking in addition to the arcade modes which will feature in the PlayStation 2 version of the title.

Sony's B-Boy is set for release on the PlayStation 2 and PSP this September, whilst the Red Bull themed title from PlayLogic will "wing" it's way on to a number of un-named platforms next spring.