PlayStation Portable owners will have something to keep them entertained for endless hours whilst on the move later this year, as Sega have announced that they're bringing Football Manager to the handheld format, alongside a standard version for the PC.

A redesign is said to be taking place to make the PSP version more suited to the "pick up and play experience" which best suits handheld gaming, and will feature a minimum of six countries to manage a team from, with 30 players per squad - each of which has an accurate player history with data from the vast SI Games database.

PC owners will also be receiving a new version of Football Manager to coincide with the new season, which will have a revamped training mode giving the coaches a more active roll in players progress and schedules. Interaction from the media will also be beefed up with reporting on aspects such as "Man of the Match" and cup draws.

Football Manager 2006 is due for release on the PC and Sony PlayStation Portable this winter, and more details about the game can be found on the Sports Interactive website.

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