Cheat code experts Datel have announced details of their latest product, Action Replay MAX for the PlayStation 2.

packshotThe system features over 30,000 cheat codes, a memory card capacity booster giving you ten times more storage, and their excellent DVD Region X built in allowing for any region DVD to be played on your PAL Region 2 console.

But it doesn't end there as the clever aspect to AR Max comes in the form of live online code updates which mean you don't have to manually enter the codes, and instead download them in seconds via a broadband internet connection and the PS2 Network Adaptor - directly to your console.

Other enhancements include a snazzy new interface which has been developed for the AR Max, giving you access to all of the features via new 3D icons and a more intuitive and easy to use menu-driven system - a choice of Quick Mode and Expert Mode gives further accessibility and features depending on which you select.



Action Replay MAX is due for release on September 1st priced at 29.99, and as an extra bonus owners of the PS2 Action Replay or GameShark 2 can upgrade for a special low price by visiting the website.

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