New screens of Broken Sword have been revealed, and show what is going to be a fantastic looking title for the GBA.


The Game Boy Advance version of Broken Sword has been converted from the PC, and has kept the same locations, characters and puzzles, which shows how much work has gone in to getting everything crammed on to the GBA's cartridge

A new "point and click" control system is being developed specifically for the GBA, and will allow gamers to take control of George Stobbard as he tours Paris.


Gameplay involves walking around talking to other characters in the game, finding objects to use, and completing puzzles so as to solve the mystery.

A remastered version of the PC soundtrack by Barrington Pheloung is also goint to be included in the GBA version of the game.


Broken Sword will be venturing on to the GBA early in 2002, and is published by Bam Entertainment.

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Game Boy Advance gets graphically stunning Broken Sword