Empire Interactive have revealed a number of new enhancements and features which are being worked in to the forthcoming FlatOut 2 by developer Bugbear Entertainment, ahead of a planned release in May.


Improvements to the sequel include upgraded physics with double the number of Rag Doll minigames, and improved AI drivers with their own unique character and all able to take alternate routes rather than sticking strictly to the main pre-defined track.

Bigger and better seems to be the theme with the follow-up to FlatOut, with 34 vehicles more than doubling that of the original, 60 track combinations, twice as many Destruction Derby Arenas, the arrival of Sports cars, Compacts and Pickup Trucks in addition to the Muscle Cars, and all new US-based race locations, including LA Storm Drains and the Rocky Mountain Forest.


Vehicles can be smashed and crashed in to over 5,000 trackside objects, causing damage to not only the scenery - such as barrels and logs being sent tumbling in to the path of opponents - but also the cars which each feature more than 40 deformable parts, resulting in a very wrecked motor if you end up getting caught up in the heat of the action.

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