Breaking News: Halo developer Bungie Studios have announced that they're to launch a new website, and have promised exclusive new Halo 2 screenshots and previously unannounced information as part of the teasing site relaunch.

However as has become custom with Halo 2, you'll have a slight wait until all is revealed, as Bungie are releasing the screens and details bit-by-bit during the launch week of their new website, which they tell us also features the ability to cross-link Xbox Live gamertags, meaning your friends list is visible on the Halo 2 website. Presumably a sign of things to come from Microsoft with the launch of XNA recently.

Other features on the new Bungie website include an updated "History of Bungie" section, and there's also a few webcams giving a sneak peek inside the studios, but as far as we can see, not pointing at the screens showing Halo 2 in development.

More details to follow...

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