The Simpsons are set to roar on to the PS2 and Xbox with a crazy taxi style driving game, where with the citizens of Springfield are forced into road rage due to Mr Burns' greed.


Springfield's Transit Corporation has been purchased by the ever greedy Mr Burns, and he's been increasing the fares so much that the passengers are refusing to pay the fares.

You get to drive through five Springfield neighbourhoods featuring over 100 Simpsons landmarks, and over 25 characters including Homer, Marge, and Bart, which all have their proper voices and characteristic animations.

screen screen

The ultimate aim is to raise enough money to buy back the transit system, and this involves taking short cuts down narrow back streets, and generally ramming your way through the neighbourhood.

Simpsons Road Rage from EA is due to screech on to the PS2 this autumn, and until then you'll most probably find Homer doing "Donuts" and Mr Burns doing "Burn ups" in the Kwiki Mart carpark..