EON Digital Entertainment have let us know that they plan to release a PC version of the classic Taito puzzle game, Bust-A-Move.

screen screen

Super Bust-A-Move follows on from ten years of Bust-A-Move titles, and features a simple but addictive gameplay where you have to group together similar coloured bubbles so as they'll disappear.

However it's not quite as simple as just getting the bubbles to go, as you've also got other factors such as numerous bubble types, and also various time limit and play area sizes to contend with at each level of the game.

Dani Winterburn, EON's Marketing Director said "With its vast heritage and addictive gameplay, gamers will be playing this game for years to come".

Super Bust-A-Move is due to burst it's way on to PC's this September, and if the past titles have been anything to go by, it'll be extreemly popular with puzzle fans both young and old.