Japanese giant Capcom have signed an exclusive publishing deal with Ubi Soft, which will see seven Capcom titles making their way to the GBA.

Super Street Fighter 2X Revival, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Mega Man 1 and 2, Breath of Fire 1 and 2, and Final Fight One are all going to make an appearance on Nintendo's new Game Boy Advance, thanks to Ubi Soft in Europe.

The classic brands have been well received around the world on a number of consoles - Street Fighter series has seen sales in excess of 24 million console games since first appearing in the arcades back in 1987.

All of the titles are due for European release during 2001, except Megaman 2 and Steet Fighter Alpha 3 which are planned for early 2002.

We'll bring further details of each title as more is known, and also the first screenshots as soon as they are available.