Big Ben Interactive, the European distributor of Sega Dreamcast, have announced that they've secured the rights to two Capcom titles.

The deal between the two companies will see Heavy Metal Geomatrix and Cannon Spike coming to the Dreamcast, with all of the marketing and sales dealt with directly by Big Ben Interactive, as they do with Sega's Dreamcast titles.

Managing director of Big Ben Interactive, Dick Francis, told us "After our acquisition of the Dreamcast rights from Sega we now have the infrastructure in place to provide complete focus for our rapidly expanding range of Dreamcast software. The deal allows us to bring more great software to a wider audience and highlights our rapid expansion in the console market, an area which will continue to see BigBen Interactive grow in the near future".

BBI's Dreamcast release schedule for the coming months is:

  • 16th Nov - Headhunter
  • 23rd Nov - Virtua Tennis 2
  • 23rd Nov - Floigan Brothers
  • 30th November - Shenmue 2
  • 30th November - Cannon Spike
  • 30th November - Heavy Metal Geomatrix
  • 11th Jan - REZ
  • 8th Feb - NBA 2K2
  • Feb - Phantasy Star Online V2.0

We'll be having full reviews of Headhunter, Virtua Tennis 2 and Floigan brothers on GamesPaper over the next couple of weeks, along with a closer look at both Heavy Metal Geomatrix and Cannon Spike.

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