Just Flight have announced the availability of a demo for their recently released Cargo Pilot add-on, which puts Flight Simulator fans in control of a small airfreight business with the aim of becoming a global cargo airline operator.


Cargo Pilot follows on from Just Flight's hugely popular Airliner Pilot and introduces a whole host of new gameplay elements which make it a totally unique experience, and instead of passengers you have a variety of goods which need transporting to various locations whilst attempting to make a profit and grow your business from the small times on an isolated airstrip in a converted container, to a leading cargo operator in a plush welcoming office.

The career path starts off with you flying the likes of chickens and bags of mail to their destination in a short-range single engine aircraft, but as the money rolls in you're able to buy bigger and better aircraft allowing for longer range flights to international cargo hubs conveying heavier and more expensive loads such as racing cars and radioactive materials - but if you don't get there on time, or have a bumpy flight you'll end up losing money as the damaged goods and maintenance costs eat away at your profit.


If you're wanting to experience the "crate life" as an air-freight pilot then why not grab yourself a waybill and head on over to the Just Flight website where you can download the freshly unwrapped Cargo Pilot demo.

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