After numerous delays, including one which saw the highly anticipated pre-Christmas launch being postponed, the latest Championship Manager title is finally ready to kick off a new virtual season, when it goes on sale tomorrow.


Championship Manager 4 features a number of improvements over the already popular previous titles, and the developer Sports Interactive have been hard at work including more leagues, players - some 250,000 of them - rules and regulations, to ensure that the experience is as near as possible to that of a real team manager.

The biggest change to gameplay will come in the form of a 2D 'match engine', which will show how each player that has been picked for your squad is performing during the match, which should help you see exactly which players are doing well, and which could do with a rest or even some intense training.

Other improvements include an enhanced amount of interaction with players, officials and the media, meaning you can no longer just hide behind endless sheets of player statistics. The experience of the matches has also been improved thanks to a huge number of new sound effects, which are based on those of the crowds you'd get at the real-life fixture.

Championship Manager 4 will be available from March 28th, priced at 34.99 and you can order it from Amazon now.

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