Eidos Interactive and Sports Interactive have announced that they are to bring the best-selling football management simulation to the Xbox.

Sports Interactive has signed as an official Xbox video game system partner, and will bring Championship Manager to a console platform for the first time, at the Xbox's European launch.

Championship Manager has never been available on a console before, but will make it's debut at the European Xbox launch next year.

John Davis, Marketing Director of Eidos, says: "While Championship Manager is as big a name in our portfolio as Tomb Raider or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, the fact that it has never been available for any video games console has meant that we have not been able to take it to the mass market in the same way that we have with those games. With the game available on Xbox, the sky’s the limit."

Championship Manager is due to be in the first selection of Xbox titles when the console launches in Europe next year.