Codemasters have announced that the release of their highly anticipated Club Football series has been pushed back to the autumn, so that a further two clubs can be added to the series.


Fans of Celtic and Real Madrid will see their teams included in a line-up that now boasts 17 officially licensed clubs, with each individual game to be made available for the Xbox and PS2.

The Club Football series will now be released in the autumn instead of April, giving extra development time and will include the 2003/2004 team line up for each of the respective clubs.

Mike Hayes, Group Marketing Director of Codemasters, said "To have both Real Madrid and Celtic editions as part of the line-up makes the range complete and the extra development time will ensure a great football gaming experience for the fans of each club."

All 17 of the Club Football games are due for release on PC and Xbox this autumn, and you can find out more by going to the Club Football website.