Codemasters have announced that they've won the publishing rights to the Russian developed sci-fi real time strategy game Perimeter.


Perimeter sees gamers commanding a number of civilisations after they have abandoned a dying Earth, gathering energy resources to allow for travel between planets.

The game is said to feature a graphics engine which can shift over 1 million polygons per second, with a terrain which plays a vital part in the combat and base development due to the way that players and natural forces can alter the physical structure of the game world.

Speaking about the announcement, Codemasters' Gary Rowe said "We're extremely pleased to further our ties with 1C Company. Perimeter brings fresh and innovative tactics to RTS gaming, something the genre currently is lacking and players are crying out for. This, coupled with an original science-fiction theme makes Perimeter a key PC title for Codemasters in 2004"

Perimeter is due for release on the PC during the spring of 2004, and further details about the game can be found on the Perimeter website.